VtigerCRM Tools

The Vtiger Tools are a free collection of useful tools to help during the all day work of a vTigerCRM administrator.

There is a dedicated version of Vtiger Tools for VtigerCRM 6 and one for VtigerCRM 7. Only the VtigerCRM 7 version will be actively developed.

You could use the following features:

  • rename Fields / Blocks by Double click in Layout Editor
  • use comma instead of point as decimal separator in Invoice/Quotes editor etc. (Not very stable, because of Vtiger issues)
  • Create new custom related lists (Either related against a UIType 10 field or a free relation without any field)
  • An administrator could switch the current user to another one, easily (Switch back require Logout/Login)
  • Automate the Google Calendar/Contact Sync, by using Cronjobs
  • Im-/Export filters (To copy a filter from one system to another one)
  • Recreate all Privilege files of all users (Sometimes required, if a new module only works for admin user)
  • Check missing fields in Database (Useful for custom modules to check database scheme, when there is a problem during record creation)
  • Remove the irritating Marketplace banner from Dashboard
  • Add additional partial DetailViews (Show only specific blocks) (Require a small core file modification and the EventHandler module)
  • Enable the german dateformat for Users from Germany

See source code here: https://github.com/swarnat/VtigerCRM-Tools/tree/Vtiger7

Download here:

Download “VT7 VtigerCRM Tools”

Vtiger_Tools.zip – Downloaded 11440 times –

Download “VT6 Vtiger Tools”

SwVtTools-2017-10-05.zip – Downloaded 3223 times – 265.80 KB

Documentation Vtiger Tools

rename field/block in Layout Editor

You could realy easy rename fields/blocks with this extension.

  1. Open LayoutEditor
  2. Select module you want to modify
  3. wait ~3 seconds, because I can’t find a way to recognize if the loading is finished and I integrate a simple timer
  4. Double click on the field you want to modify and enter the new label
  5. Double click on the block you want to modify and enter the new label
  6. That’s it!

But: It isn’t as easy as it looks. You loose all translations for this field/block.
If you want to modify the translations, too. You need also to modify the languages files of the module.
And unfortunately this couldn’t be done with the browser.

enter numbers with comma

This feature will enable the input of numbers via comma into the system, which isn’t possible in the current version 7
It don’t modify any files and only convert in every number field any given comma into a point directly after keypress.
This must be enabled on the Settings page.

filter JavaScript Variables

This is only a feature for developers!

You could register a filter function on one position and a filter call on another position in source code.
Per default there are no such filters available in vtigerCRM Core.

To register a filter function call:

jQuery(function() {
    if(typeof SWVtigerTools !== "undefined") {
        SWVtigerTools.registerFilter("PopUpParams", function(params) {
                        // ... do something with params
            return params;

This will register a filter for the FilterKey “PopUpParams”

On another place you could call:

if(typeof SWVtigerTools === 'object' && typeof SWVtigerTools.filter === 'function') {
    params = SWVtigerTools.filter('PopUpParams', params);

create default relation tab

UIType 10 Relation

You have created a custom module with a field you could link to another module, like Accounts.
Now you want to have a related Tab in Accounts, which lists all records of the custom module related to this Accounts record.
Type: Relation against UIType 10 field
Create RelatedTab here: Accounts
Related module: your custom module
Label of Creation: the label of the new Tab you want to see at the right side.

Press “create Relation”. You could use this relation directly after this step.

free relations
If you want to freely add relations, without any field, choose “free Relation without a field” as type.

recreate user Privileges Files

Normally you don’t press this button manually!
But if someone told you to recreate the privileges files, do it with this button!