HTTPs Traffic is blocked by Provider

Some providers of VServer blocks outgoing HTTP traffic, which is secured by HTTPS. This also block the activation requests of our modules.

A workaround:

The Workflow Designer included a way to force the downgrade to unsecured activation also if the Curl module is available.
To get this open the module Directory “modules/<modulename>/” and create a empty file “.HTTPLicense”.

Now the HTTPs Activation is disabled.

If this helps for your provider, you should consider to switch the Provider of your VServer. Even if they are very cheap you won’t get happy with a bad provider for a important system, like a CRM.

License Server

If you use a firewall to block outgoing traffic, please ensure the VtigerCRM system could connect to this IP/Port:



Port 443 or, if not HTTPS Support is available, Port 80.

How the system works

All of out Plugins use a complex system, to ensure that the saved license is valid.

Our developer had a lots of fun with the development of these check, because every new algorithm had to go through a test, within I would break these validation. This results in a secure way to validate the license after every Update, which allow us to eliminate the impact in your work.
These validations are necessary to keep the price as low as possible!

At the moment of License Validation there are several information, the plugins transmit to the license server over a SSL connection:

  • The md5 Hash of your Hostname (Nobody could recover the complete hostname)
  • Your License Key
  • Your vtigerCRM Version
  • Name / Version of Extension
  • Filename and Filesize of the File, which runs the license validation

Nobody could rebuild any personal information from the stored data!

If there are any troubles with these checks or your license, most of the extensions works without changes. Only the administration of these extensions will be blocked.

If you wouldn’t agree with these validation, I’m sorry, but you couldn’t use my extensions.