Workflow Designer VT 7 – Changelog

Version: - Release: 24th May 2019

// not released 2019-02-22
Fix - Fix support of PHP 7.3
Fix - Label and Default values in request form can be $env variables
Add - Support for multi picklists in request form

Version: 7.02.17 - Release: 4th December 2018

Fix - Fix issue with Approval, which do nothing
Fix - Fix issue with mandatory picklists in request form
Fix - Fix issue in listview with request from values block
Fix - Request form headline and buttons can contain variables

Version: 7.02.16 - Release: 15th October 2018

Fix - Fix several bugs related to Workflow execution
Fix - Check currency within condition
Add - Shortcode to create a number from string

Version: 7.02.13 - Release: 18th September 2018

Add - Block to check if email is valid
Add - Default value for picklists in request forms
Add - Block for PDFGenerator
Fix - Major changes in Frontend JavaScript
Fix - Language Manager works correctly
DEV - Add possibility to use a field selection in SimpleConfig
DEV - Add possibility to use a timezone selection in SimpleConfig

Version: 7.02.08 - Release: 12th June 2018

Fix - Urgent update to fix a bug in encryption settings

Version: 7.02.07 - Release: 11th June 2018

Fix - PHP 7 compatible Expression Syntax check

Version: 7.02.05 - Release: 29th May 2018

Add - Implement a brand new modern request form block with better flexibilitz
Add - Implement option to define own frontend button types, to add Workflow Designer into other modules
Add - Option to let user modify email before sending
Fix - Mailscanner do not process any mails, without a condition